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Wyzsza Szkola Bankowa we Wroclawiu
Wroclaw, Poland


Descrierea universitatii (pe baza site-ului oficial)

Mission School of Banking in Wroclaw:

"In friendly conditions we prepare for professional careers. "

The University is committed to the goal of training highly skilled professionals, equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed for professional development and knowingly participate in building a modern Polish economy. School of Banking in Wroclaw by studying degree, second degree studies, postgraduate and MBA. At WSB operates the Language Centre Forward.

School of Banking in Wroclaw has been occupying high positions in rankings of universities nationwide are prepared by the magazine. Places in this year's rankings confirm the University's reputation and its strong position in the education market in the region.

The first university in Poland
among the Private Universities' ranking of Business Studies of the prestigious magazine "Home & Market" (No. 6 / 2010) School of Banking. Rankings take into account criteria such as number of hours during the entire course of study, the percentage of which are teachers with the academic title below for a doctor, the number of lecturers, practitioners, the number of lecturers with a PhD. Bonus points gained for the number of university offers postgraduate studies.
Banking School took first place in the rankings, ahead of, inter alia, the Warsaw Academy of Kozminski, College of Management and Banking in Cracow and Wroclaw Higher School of Commerce.

The second university in Poland and the first in Lower Silesia
among the Senior Private Business Schools' ranking of the prestigious magazine "Home & Market" (No. 3 / 2010) School of Banking in Wroclaw noted progres (last year 5th place in Poland and one in Lower Silesia), which places it among the top Polish universities.
Given the number of students enrolled full-time in the 2009/2010 academic year Wroclaw WSB is the undisputed leader.

Second in Poland
Ministry of Science and Higher Szkolnicwa published a report, which clearly shows that the School of Banking in Wroclaw has a great trust, Recruitment! The report is information about wyniach enrollments for the 2009/2010 academic year at universities supervised by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and private schools.

The report shows that the School of Banking in Wroclaw in second place in Poland as most non-public school chosen by the candidates in the category of part-time and third place in Poland in the category of full-time studies.

Number 1 in Lower Silesia
Magazine "On" and "Why", in early May 2010 released the results of the ranking of the University of Private Business.

School of Banking in Wroclaw, according to the ranking, is the first university in Lower Silesia.

Number 1 in Lower Silesia among university tourism
In April a special allowance - Higher School of Tourism, Travel News magazine (this is the letter of tourism industry workers) published on the first page TOP 10 - Best Schools providing education for Tourism Human Resources.

In the ranking that was attended by 45 universities from across the Polish, state and non-state actors, including five universities from Lower Silesia (Higher Vocational State School in Legnica, WSH from Wroclaw, the EU Department of Regional Economics and Tourism in Jelenia, AWF, Wroclaw and WSB).
School of Banking in Wroclaw, is the only university in the Region, came to a close the TOP 10 in the country taking 7th place!
This means that we are Uczlenią one of the best educators of students in Poland for the tourism industry.

Number 1 in Lower Silesia
According to a ranking of "Newsweek" (No. 20/2008) School of Banking in Wroclaw once again took first place among private business schools. In light of all the schools ahead of us, only University of Economics. This prestigious ranking is based on the survey employers of graduates.

Best Offer training
In a ranking of private colleges Masters published by "Rzeczpospolita" and "Perspectives" in 2009 in Wroclaw WSB again proved to be the best university-business in Lower Silesia.

European Medal
School of Banking in Wroclaw year again was among the winners of the eighteenth edition of the European Medal for Services - in 2009 were awarded master's degree program. Is a confirmation of receipt of the Medal of quality education, and proof that the School of Banking in Wroclaw is a university at the European level. This is the third medal awarded Wroclaw WSB - the first received a bachelor's in 2007, the second post-graduate studies in 2008, and a third in 2009 was granted for the Office of Career.

The European Medal is a non-commercial, nationwide project, which aims is to expose examples of good quality and promotion of methods of achieving it. Highlighted are goods and services that meet European standards. Medal is a recommendation issued by the awarded products are the most important institution dealing with the Polish contacts with the European Union - Office of the Committee for European Integration (co-organizer and patron), and by Business Centre Club.

Alberta Griffins West Chamber of Commerce
In 2008, the statuettes were handed out seven Silesian Griffin winners. Selected them from among more than 150 applications received. For the second time the prize was awarded School of Banking in Wroclaw. She received it in the category "Special Award - for the best Polish-Ukrainian cooperation."
For the first time the prestigious prize Griffins Alberta School of Banking in Wroclaw received in 2004. West Chamber of Commerce recognized her in the category of "the greatest contribution to the field of education at the Lower Silesian economy." Signed up to compete then almost a hundred companies, local governments and schools.
The contest aims to honor companies and local government entities that contribute most to the economic development of our region and are models to follow in each category.

Reliable School
In 2008, the School of Banking in Wroclaw is certified "Reliable School" for the third time. This certification, awarded by Academic Information Centre confirms the legal framework for the School, its efforts to a high standard of teaching and learning comfort and care to prepare university graduates to start their working lives.

European Language Competence Certificate License Quality Alliance
In 2008, University of Wroclaw School of Banking has received a certificate certifying that the university is a member of the Association Golden ELCL QA.
Membership is evidence of respect for the membership agreement, the fulfillment of its obligations and to have that respect of all rights and privileges.

Business Centre Club
School of Banking in Wroclaw in November 2006 a member of Business Centre Club. This is the elite club of entrepreneurs and the country's largest organization of individual employers. It unites more than 1,200 companies represented by almost 2,000 entrepreneurs. This institution was established to support enterprising Poles. Studies conducted by the Marketing Research Centre Indicator (1997), Institute of Public Affairs (2000) and the Institute of Market and Opinion Research Pentor (2004 and 2005) shows that the BCC has become the most prestigious and effective organization of its kind in Poland.

Wish Foundation Diploma
For assistance in implementing the dreams of children suffering from life-threatening illnesses School of Banking in 2008 received a Diploma Friend Wish Foundatio

Website:: http://www.wsb.wroclaw.pl
Email: informacja@wsb.wroclaw.pl
Sectiunea de burse: Scholarships website section
Adresa email pentru burse: informacja@wsb.wroclaw.pl


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